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  • How should my fish flag be positioned on the wire?
    Make sure your flag is all the way to the spring.
  • How do I get the best performance from my flag?
    As you set your traps each trip, adjust the flag before you set the trap. You can adjust the flag by holding the spool tight and twisting the spring on the bushing so that the flag sits straight and does not list to one side of the other.
  • How should I store my traps?
    Store the traps on their side in a cool dry place.
  • How do I install my flag when my traps arrive?
    Hold the trap by the body and spool with a non-dominant hand while holding the spring with thumb and fore finger of dominant hand near the bushing. Turn the spring counter clockwise while pushing onto bushing. Be careful not to push on too far as it will rub against the body and not spin freely. Then spin the flag by the spring to see how straight the flag spins, you can tweak the flag left or right to make it as straight as possible.
  • How many settings does the trip have?
    The trip has 2 settings a light trip for small bait and sensitive bite heavy trip for larger bait and windy days. You can also not set the trap and face the flag sideways or a color towards you so you can see that it has turned. For more experienced fishermen you can also file a more pronounced groove in the trip to hold a much large bait.
  • How much line does it hold?
    Approximately 500 ft. of 35 lb. braided tip up line. Trap works best with a full spool.
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